5 Top Most Natural Pest Control Treatments By Professionals

Chemical pesticides are harmful to health. Therefore, people are looking for eco-friendly and natural pest control services within your locality. They are effective, convenient, and eco-friendly. Therefore, if you are looking for hiring professionals for natural pest control processes, you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss some natural remedies for the most frequent house pests.

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5 most frequent house pests and their natural remedies

There are a lot of pests in our surrounding areas. But, you can treat them at your home with some natural pest control methods. And here we will share the solutions for the 5 most seen insects in our house.

Ants Control

Ants are abundant in every household. And the preliminary treatment for ants is to keep your floor and kitchen clean. However, if the problem persists, you can try some of the home remedies. For example, spraying a soap solution on the gathering, putting slices of bitter cucumber at the entrance, using the borax solution as a DIY trap. You can also spray dried mint tea leaves on the cracks. If you are okay with the garlic smell, you can also put the cloves on the wall cracks.

Flea Control

Fleas are dangerous for your health. And if you have pets, the situations become trickier. Therefore, expert pest controllers use these natural solutions for treating fleas. You can use cedar shampoo, diatomaceous earth, soapy water for fleas, and nontoxic flea traps for the flea control process. And in case your pets have exposure to fleas, try using citrus products on them. You can use lemon skin or a few drops of citrus oil in water and spray it over the affected areas.

Cockroach Control

No matter what you do, cockroaches are frequent in your kitchen. Therefore, professional pest controllers offer some of the home remedies for treating the cockroaches at your home. Spraying diatomaceous earth over the affected areas and on the pipeline channels is one of the most effective solutions for the cockroach removal process. Catnip tea is also an effective treatment for cockroach removal. Just like ant control, boric acid also works on cockroaches. Apart from that, experts suggest putting bay leaves, cucumber slices, and garlic as well.

Mosquito Control

Treating mosquitoes with natural home remedies is not a new thing for us. Therefore, we are well-known about Azadirachta oil in mosquito treatment. And a professional pest controller also suggests the same. Try not to store water in open places and clean your tanks and aquarium regularly. You can also use sage or rosemary on the griller to remove mosquitoes from the surrounding. In case of excessive mosquito occurrence, you can call your professional pest controller and seek their bats for killing mosquitoes. However, it needs professional assistance to perform the task.

Termite Control

Termites are one of the worst nightmares for your wooden items. Therefore, even before they start eating your favourite items, call our local pest controller right away. The experts will help you with some of the easy and effective solutions. But, before that, make sure to coat the furniture with a wood protector.

Apart from the wood protector, try to use diatomaceous earth under the furniture. It will create a barrier between the wood and the termites.

So, these are the most sought pest control solutions for treating your house pests. But, it is always better to seek professional advice before you start the procedure. After all, you cannot rely on home remedies only. The effectiveness depends on several factors, such as time, pest occurrence, and resources. So, choose wisely, and keep your home pest-free with these natural remedies. Hire Pest Control Inglewood, a professional pest control company available 24 Hour.